Bespoke E-learning Services

ORA Prep designs, develops, and delivers custom online learning for a range of applications. Whilst our current primary focus is in the production of e-learning materials for education, we are also able to create materials for corporate clients and other applications.



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Content Production

Our faculty of expert academics from world-renowned institutions means that we are able to create bespoke e-learning content spanning a wide range of academic disciplines and levels. We can create e-learning materials for:

  • Professional English language training courses
  • English language teacher training courses
  • School syllabuses
  • University syllabuses
  • Corporate training, including:
    • On-boarding
    • Induction training
    • Compliance training
    • Health and safety training


Our team of e-learning developers use state-of-the-art e-learning software to construct bespoke courses that are informative and engaging. We aim to harness all of the benefits that e-learning offers to the modern school and workplace, creating e-learning that is flexible, interactive, and that can be deployed across a range of devices. We can produce material that is packed with quizzes, activities, additional resources, and a wide range of multimedia to ensure that students keep up with the material covered. We tailor the overall design and navigation system to the needs of the client and work closely with them to produce outstanding results.


We produce e-learning materials for delivery across a range of devices, including iPads, Android tablets, desktops, and laptops. Our e-learning materials can delivered through a learning management system (LMS), a website, on CD/DVD, or through a variety of other platforms. Contact us to find out more.

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