New Courses Now Available: Zoology and Law!

We are proud to announce the launch of our next e-learn interactive courses, An Introduction to Law and An Introduction to Zoology, which are now available to be taken.

An Introduction to Law

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Do you know the two key elements that constitute a criminal offence? Are you aware of what makes a contract legally binding, and of what constitutes a breach of contract? Are you up to date with the influence that the EU has over national law, and of the situations when EU Law can be relied upon by an individual? Our Introduction to Law course provides students with a comprehensive overview of some of the fundamental areas of law that are typically studied during an undergraduate degree, such as Criminal Law, Contract Law, EU Law, and the Law of Tort. Each tutorial will also offer career advice, tips for applying to university, and useful guidance for legal interviews and competency tests such as the LNAT. This combination of academic instruction combined with applications and careers advice provides a thought-provoking and useful course for any students thinking of studying Law at university and beyond. Enrol now!

An Introduction to Zoology



Our Introduction to Zoology course provides students with an introduction to the weird and wonderful world of animals (Metazoa), offering a broad overview of animal diversity, evolution, anatomy, and behaviour. Particular attention is paid to the topic of genetics, with a close examination of the processes by which DNA is used to create proteins, an essential part of all animal life. The process of evolution – inextricably linked with genetics –  is examined in detail with particular reference to the theory of evolution by natural selection by propounded by Charles Darwin. This course is ideal for any students interested in studying zoology, veterinary medicine, genetics, or related topics at university and beyond. Get started today!

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