Why ORA Prep?

Why Study With Us?

Are you starting to think about applying to university, but aren’t sure what subject is for you? Or have you already made that decision, and want to give yourself the best possible chance of succeeding in your application, and the best possible start to your university career?

ORA Prep is an online learning platform developed to address all of these challenges, and more. We offer a wide range of exciting and intellectually stimulating courses designed to support students applying to university in the UK, whether they are looking to try out a variety of subjects, or are looking to boost their knowledge in a subject.

Our unique, on-demand, interactive delivery system makes the learning process engaging and enjoyable, with regular quizzes and exams to check that students are following the topics covered. Our courses are short and are available instantly online – once you’ve chosen the course you want to take, you can get started straight away. Click on the questions to the right to find out why an ORA Prep course may be of benefit to you.

  • What Should I Study at University? Help!

    It’s one of the biggest and toughest decisions you’ll ever have to make, affecting what you do for 3+ years of your life and costing a large sum of money per year. ORA Prep’s wide range of subject tasters offers students the chance to try out new subjects in an interactive, engaging format, helping you decide whether a subject is – or isn’t – for you.

  • How Can I Find Out More About My Chosen Subject?

    Choosing your subject is just the beginning – you’ve then got to succeed in your application in an increasingly competitive applications process. Universities are looking for students who stand out from the crowd and show that they’ve got the passion to study their chosen subject further. Our knowledge boosters aim to do just that – to help you show that you’ve got the passion and the drive to study your subject at university and beyond.

  • How Can I Prepare for the Applications Process?

    Preparation is the name of the game. ORA Prep courses aim to prepare students by giving them a foundation on which to undertake the applications process: whether it’s simply a case of stating what most interests you on your personal statement, or whether you need to discuss key case studies and events in an interview, our courses are designed to equip students with the skills and knowledge they need to impress their university admissions tutors.

  • How Can I Build Knowledge for Interviews?

    Many top UK universities, including Oxbridge and London universities, rely on interviews as a key part of their applications process. Interviews scrutinise a student’s ability to discuss their subject and think through problems, and ORA Prep courses are designed to help students do just that: through exploration of the different opinions held on debates and topics, students acquire the ability to reach balanced and informed decisions.

  • How Can I Get Ahead of the Game Before University?

    The aim of our courses goes beyond that of just inspiring or educating our students. Our courses are designed develop students’ skills in note-taking, digesting information, and contextualising new ideas, all of which are critical skills required for university study.

What Courses does ORA Prep Offer?

We offer courses in a wide range of subject areas. Typically, these fall into two categories:

How are ORA Prep Courses Delivered?

Our courses are delivered in a variety of ways, and you can choose your learning method depending on your needs

Individual Courses

All of our short interactive courses contain the following elements, and may contain additional elements depending on your enrolment option

Pre-university Programmes

Our tough pre-university programmes combine multiple modules with marked assignments and live tuition

This sounds great. How can I sign up?

Visit our catalogue to view our wide range of courses and programmes.

What Students Thought of ORA PREP


“When I first enrolled on the course I honestly wasn't expecting much, because I thought ‘how much can an online course teach me?’ I was wrong. This short yet comprehensive course was amazing and quite fun to take. I certainly learnt quite a bit and loved the whole experience. Thank you ORA Prep.”

Sruthi, Singapore
Introduction to Medicine

“English Essay Writing was very well organized and easy to follow. The topics were interesting and the explanations excellent. All the topics follow a logical and intuitive path, helping you to achieve the goal of the course: excellent essay writing.”

Eduardo, Brazil
English Essay Writing

“When I first enrolled on the "Creative Writing" course I did not expect it to be so interesting! Looking back, I think I did the right thing opting for it, as I have learned many useful things about both other writers' literary works and ways in which I can improve my own writing skills. I would recommend it to everyone who wishes to benefit from this experience!!”

Elizabeth, Greece
Creative Writing